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Airbus A319

The A319CJ is a corporate jet version of the commercially successful Airbus A319 twin-engined commercial airliner. It is one member of the fledgling Airbus Corporate Jet family that was designed to compete with the Boeing Business Jets that entered service in 1999.

The A319CJ’s5,900-cubic-foot main cabin is roomier than that of the Boeing BBJ1, the Bombardier Global Express, or the Gulfstream G550. Although the standard Airbus 319 airliner could seat up to 130 passengers, the A319CJ provides seating for no more than 19, with much of the remaining space taken up by amenities that were essential in a private jet. In the corporate traveler configuration, the main cabin may have a VIP quarters with its own bed, office, and bathroom in addition to the “airliner style” passenger seating and lavatory. An external baggage compartment has 160 cubic feet of available space though the passenger seating area has the same overhead bins found on the baseline A319.


Because of the reduced need for passenger baggage space, the A319CJ’s cargo compartment is often fitted with removable fuel tanks to increase the aircraft’s range to 7,500 miles. This gave the A319CJ a crucial ability that its Airbus A319 predecessor lacked—transoceanic flight. Furthermore, since the A319CJ is powered by the same CFM56 turbofans used by the A319, it can also achieve a cruising speed of Mach 0.78 and a ceiling of 41,000 feet.


Passenger Capacity: Up to 19

Cruising Speed: 469 knots

Range: 5900 sm.

Length: 78.0 ft.

Width: 7.4 ft.

Height: 12.2 ft.

Baggage Capacity: 160 cu.ft.