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Citation CJ2

The Cessna Model 525A, otherwise known as the Citation CJ2, is one of the members of the CitationJet “sub-family” that fall under the Cessna Citation family of small business jets. What sets the CitationJet aircraft from their Citation brethren are the “T-tail” stabilizer configuration, an entirely new main fuselage, more powerful engines, and an improved wing that ensures minimal drag at high speeds. The only thing similar between Citation and CitationJet aircraft is the forward fuselage (though this does have some modifications as well).

The Citation CJ2 is itself an improvement over the original Model 525 CitationJet with a fuselage stretched by 5 feet to allow seating for up to 8 passengers in the main cabin as well as baggages and other cargo in 3 compartments in corporate jet configuration. It also has a lower center aisle for increased height, thus providing more room in the somewhat limited space of the passenger cabin. A subvariant of the CJ2, the CJ2+, boasts of improvements in avionics, performance, and fuel economy.


The Citation CJ2 is popular among private operators partly because it is easy to fly. It was designed in such a way that it can be flown even by just one pilot, though having two pilots is for long-distance flights is recommended.


Passenger Capacity: 6 - 8

Cruising Speed: 468 mph

Range: 1738.0 st.m.

Length: 16.0 ft.

Width: 4.9 ft.

Height: 4.8 ft.

Baggage Capacity: 74 cu.ft.