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Gulfstream V

Also called the Gulfstream 500, the Gulfstream V has been a pioneer in the ultra-long-range private jet category. It can fly nonstop to just about any destination in the world, from New Zealand to San Francisco or from Denver to Beijing. The jet is high performing and very reliable. The jet’s 1,660 cubic ft. cabin can seat 15 passengers, but it is capable of holding a maximum of 19 passengers.

The jet has a length of 50.1 feet, a width of 7.3 feet, a height of 6.2 feet, and an impressive baggage capacity of 226 cubic ft. (or 2,500 pounds). The cabin of the Gulfstream V is partitioned into 3 spaces. Moreover, the cabin’s noise levels are uniformly low all throughout.

Other cabin amenities include: a galley for cold and hot food preparation, power outlets, a sink with running water, separate lavatories for crew and passengers, and fold-out tables for work. Optional upgrades include entertainment systems (multi-screen), satellite TV, and phones for every seat.


The Gulfstream V cockpit avionics system is patterned around the Honeywell SPX-8500 suite. The ultra-long-range jet is great for travelers who need to quickly complete international or cross-country flights. The combination of payload/range capacity, reliability, and speed make the aircraft a first-rate long-range jet. 


Passenger Capacity: Up to 19

Cruising Speed: 488 kts

Range: 7393 st.m.

Length: 50.1 ft.

Width: 7.3 ft.

Height: 6.2 ft.

Baggage Capacity: 226 cu.ft.