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Hawker 700

The Hawker 700 is a mid-size business jet derived from the British Aerospace 125 that has become highly popular with the North American corporate traveler market because of its reputation as a solidly-built workhorse. It remains a popular choice of aircraft even if the design is nearly 40 years old.

The Hawker 700 is powered by the same engines used by the more popular Learjet corporate planes—twin TFE731 turbofans known for their improved fuel efficiency, low engine noise, and the fact that they are available just about anywhere (The same goes for their spare parts.). Fully loaded with fuel, passengers, and cargo, the aircraft can still fly nearly 2,000 nautical miles nonstop.

The Hawker 700 has been hailed for its spacious 604-cubic-foot passenger cabin which could provide plenty of room and in-flight comfort for up to 8 people. The typical corporate traveler arrangement includes 5 reclining executive seats and a divan that could seat 3. Amenities include closets at both fore and aft, an aft lavatory (which also allows access to the baggage compartment while in flight), and a small forward galley. The 40-cubic-foot baggage compartment may seem somewhat limited in relation to the aircraft’s size, so passengers are advised to bring only what they need.


Passenger Capacity: Up to 8

Cruising Speed: 477 kts

Range: 2435 st.m.

Length: 21.3 ft.

Width: 5.9 ft.

Height: 5.8 ft.

Baggage Capacity: 40 cu.ft.