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Learjet 45

The Learjet 45 is just one variant of the highly popular Learjet family of aircraft known by their distinctive T-tails in addition to the nacelle-mounted engines typical of small business jets. Although there have been changes in the performance and carrying capacity of the product line since the first Learjet example was introduced over 50 years ago, the basic design of the aircraft has remained unchanged.

The Learjet 45, first introduced in 1998, can seat up to 9 passengers in the main cabin and baggages within its 65-cubic-foot cargo compartment. The 45XR is an improved variant that entered operational use in 2004. It has the same fuselage as the LJ45 but boasts noticeably improved performance due to its uprated engines. Moreover, the two Honeywell TFE731 turbofans rely on computer control to ensure optimum performance—as well as greater fuel efficiency and a much smoother ride—regardless of the aircraft’s flying speed and altitude as well as outside air conditions. Both the 45 and the 45XR are midway between the Learjet 40 and the Learjet 60 in terms of size and capacity.


The Learjet 45 is also one of the most popular members of the Learjet family with more than 430 examples produced for both private and government use.


Passenger Capacity: 6 - 8

Cruising Speed: 535 mph

Range: 2100.0 st.m.

Length: 19.9 ft.

Width: 5.0 ft.

Height: 5.0 ft.

Baggage Capacity: 65 cu.ft.